79 thoughts on “(Video) TheSpeedGamer’s Mario Marathon Memories”

  1. Meeeemmmoooriess…. *doesn’t know any more lyrics to that song*
    You know, that chick with the glasses (I forgot her name) told a chatter she was married, yet she’s clearly seen with no ring in this video 😛 Probably just messing with him though.
    There’s a couple parts that make it look like a news story was done for this marathon, but I don’t remember hearing anything about TSG being on the news since the FF one.
    Anyway, as always, Tyler/Rob/Britt/Phil/Chase, and now Toast & Ana, awesomed up the web just a little more with their presence. I don’t think even Wiebe actually playing could’ve improved on all that cool people-ness 😛

  2. great video, gratz on reaching the donations goal, can’t believe you pulled the same thing like at final fantasy making the donations suddenly jump within a day. I’ll be sure to watch the prince of persia/assassin’s creed marathon.

  3. some very memorable thigs happened this week…

    you made over $50,000
    and one thing that’ll probably be remembered very well, Chugga finnaly took off his mask…

    this has gotta be my favourite so far…

    See Ya next time guys! ;D

  4. What is this I don’t even…

    Wait, that was wrong. This is awesome, both as a video, and as a reflection of the almost 8 full days of gaming… of fun, of awesomeness watching you guys, and of people doing what they love for a charity.

    I eagerly await the next marathon, and hope to have some spare change to throw at the ChipIn next time.

  5. Aw, that video was so good! It’s like one of those montages you play at high school graduation, very bittersweet. You’re glad to be moving onto other things, but you’re sad it’s over at the same time!

    Oh, Mario marathon, I shall miss thee.

  6. I don’t think I saw Brea in the video anywhere…
    Anyways, this was the best marathon yet! Too bad Chase revealed our secret chat, but I think we can forgive him. The Fangamer infomercial was hilarious; I never expected them to bring one of our community jokes to the next level.

  7. Well this video proves what I was noticing during the marathon: Chugga’s mask looks like a human face.

    Kidding! Actually it proves that despite the internet vitriol SBD and Phil are cute together 😉

    And Tyler… Seriously? Using the black Wii as a pillow and sucking your thumb? I can forgive that, but you left DS on when you went to sleep. FOR SHAME SIR! That battery will die before you wake up.

  8. What an awesome week that was, such happy memories, makes me really sad that it’s over, but at least there will be more to come! 🙂

  9. TSG staff and donators really pulled out all the stops for this marathon. I’m excited for you guys, and certainly for ACT Today!

    Also, I let out the most epic squeal when I saw the Power Rangers comforter that I may or may not have had as a child. >.>

  10. A remarkable event run by remarkable people.
    Memories and friendships made that will last a lifetime
    and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch all
    of you doing your thing and enjoying life the way it is supposed
    to be enjoyed!!!!

  11. For some reason, this video made me feel bad for the other marathon groups that can barely raise $2,000 for charity.

    What is in the bottles at 2:23?

  12. Thank you so much for putting on such an awesome marathon. And congrats on raising so much money for the ACT charity. I look forward to viewing the next marathon. 🙂

  13. Ah, the memories! Such an awesome week for such an awesome cause, and with an awesome outcome – could it get any more awesome if it tries?!

    Thank you guys so much for this past week, and thanks to everyone who donated for ACT Today.

    I just hope the next marathon, however long and however much it raises, ends up being as epic as this one. 😀


  14. Awesome video. I have it favorited on my Youtube page. I have to watch it every few days.
    I’ve been hearing how a lot of ppl think that you’ll never be able to top this marathon.
    I think it’ll difficult to top it, but I think that you guys can do it.
    I’ve been thinking of the week-long Star Wars Marathon next year. We’ll see.
    See you in August. It’ll be a ways down the road, but we’ll get there eventually.
    You guys Rule!

  15. This was so much fun, the first marathon i have been able to view ACTIVELY for a LONG time. This is the best community in the world, and I wouldnt trade the time i have spent here for anything. Thanks to all of you guys, I love you all. Next, lets pwn Ubisoft’s face in August, shall we?

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