Chase’s StarCraft 2 Gameplay!

Sorry about the wait guys! We were having some issues with rendering and what not but the next videos I create will be in much better quality don’t worry. Nothing too special about this video its just some online StarCraft 2 gameplay of me and a friend in some 2v2’s. The main point of this video for me though is to get your guys feedback on the video to see what you do like and what other kind of content I should attempt creating that you would enjoy. Also thanks to Jamesdh17 for all the help in creating the video, you rock man. Well here you go guys!

Videos are after the break!

Part 1/2


Part 2/2


8 thoughts on “Chase’s StarCraft 2 Gameplay!”

  1. I love watching other peoples starcraft 2 vids so I can learn new tactics and other peoples ways of doing things. Great game, nice win even though you where facing some nubs.

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