6 thoughts on “8-16-10 “Classic Black Shirts are Back!””

  1. Suggestion for anyone who gets the TSG sticker 😛
    Stick it on your console and you’ve got a TSG Xbox!
    Stick it on your controller (if there’s room) and you’ve got a TSG Controller!
    You’re a The Speed Gamer!

    1. It’s probably going on my DS. I’ll dual load it with TSG and Fangamer stickers. Maybe. Or I’ll wait till the 3DS. My DS is starting to show it’s age 🙁

  2. 1.Hmmm, black shirts huh? I’ll thunk about it.
    2.ooooh new space maybe?
    3.My last marathon before school starts, sigh -_-
    4.Happy b-days lot’s of peoples.

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