King of Fighters: Sky Stage confirmed to be coming to North America

ESRB, The ratings board which determines what age you have to be in order to buy said game has given a rating to the latest spinoff in the popular fighting game series, King of Fighters: Sky Stage hence confirming that the game will be released overseas to North America users sometime this fall (or to Europeans, this autumn) on Xbox Live Arcade with King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match to be released roughly the same time in Japan. Check for details about the game after the jump

Sky Stage is a vertical shooting spinoff from the popular series that takes fan favourites from the series such as¬†the noble and axiomatic Kyo Kusanagi, the sinister Iori Yagami, femme fatale Mai Shirinui,¬†everyone’s favourite pizza boy Terry Bogard and much more. In terms of gameplay, each character will have three moves avaliable, a standard shot that is equivalent to the main weapon, an ultimate attack that consume one of three power bars the character have that can be refueled by killing enemies and a bomb attack that causes damage and gets rid of bullets currently on the screen not unlike the touhou games (only without the insane difficulty or in my case, easy difficulty).

The game has a spriritual sequel called Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting which even contains Sky Stage as a bonus extra due to that both games ru on the same engine however if your not up to importing that then hopefully if Sky Stage sells well enough over here then SNK can consider localising it.

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