No More Heroes “Moves” To PS3

Konami revealed during the Gamescon press conference that No More Heroes : Heroes’ Paradise, a remake of the original No More Heroes for the Wii , will be “moving” on over to the PS3, alongside the new Playstation Move peripheral.

Developers assured gamers that No More Heroes : Heroes’  Paradise can be played with the standard PlayStation 3 controller, but that the overall gaming experience will be more enjoyable and “enhanced” with motion control and the Playstation Move.

Much like the previous two titles, No More Heroes : Hero’s Paradise will follow the tale of the otaku-wrestling-cat lover Travis Touchdown in his many adventures to become the greatest assassin in Santa Destroy.

No More Heroes : Hero’s Paradise will hit American shores next year in 2011.

[Author’s Note:  It seems IGN and myself were mistaken about what No More Heroes : Heroes’ Paradise was about, and I have edited the article to reflect this.  I apologize for the misunderstanding this may have caused.]

(Source: IGN)

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    1. Alan is absolutely correct. Sorry, IGN and I seemed to have been misinformed about what exactly NMH:HP was. I’ve corrected the article, and I apologize for the misunderstanding. XD

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