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Sega decided to revamp the game a while back so here’s a little update on the recent changes. For hardcore Sonic fans, Sega exaggerate that you “look at these changes with an open mind and with a clear understanding that given the hundreds of requested updates in feedback, not every single request from the community can be made.”

The first of the in-depth details begin after the jump.

Update #1: Lost Labyrinth Act II revamped and finalised.

Lost Labyrinth Act II has been a huge subject of debate among fans, in particular the Minecart mechanic. Sega are happy to confirm that the entire level has been revamped and now includes a new torch mechanic that adds to the exploration of the act. Most of the act is pitch black apart from the torch light around you and there are now new parts of the environment that the torch can interact with; such as blowing up parts to make new paths and triggering ancient ruins to help you move forward. Therefore the minecart itself is only included at the end of the level, and is not motion controlled.

Update #2: Sonic’s running poses

They have also slightly changed the way Sonic looks when he’s running, especially when he’s building up speed. Although this change is small, it’s something that the bigger fans are sure to take note of.

Update #3: Faster transitioning to blurry feet

Another thing people noted was the speed where Sonic would accelerate into his full run speed. In earlier versions of the game Sonic’s blurry feet took longer to trigger than previous games and in some cases you would be near maximum speed without the blur going on. This has also been changed so that blurry feet will happen faster much more similar to the classic Sonic games. Another minor change but again this is something that the hardcore fans will appreciate.

Update #4: Balances to gameplay

Everyone knows there’s a fine line between a challenging game and a frustrating one. One particular part of Lost Labyrinth was pretty difficult but has now been tweaked to being much easier. Additional changes were looked at throughout the game but this one seemed the most significant.

Since this is only Part 1 on the Sonic updates expect plenty more coming soon!

(Source: Sega)

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  1. It’s good to see that SEGA is listening to all the fans rather than just the whiney “old school” Sonic fans or just the new age post Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic fans. I am now even more excited for this game and SEGA has confirmed to me with this update that the delay of the game was worth it, even if only for the elimination of an entire level being a mine cart ride.

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