Sucker Punch Takes a Step Back

It was revealed from Sucker Punch, during Sony’s session at Comic-Con, that the new and friendlier looking Cole  would not be starring in the game Infamous 2, as originally announced.    Developers stated that they wished to create Cole much in the same manner as he was in the first game, hoping to stay more in line with his original personality and quirks.  Oh, and his frowning.  Gotta have the frowning.

At Gamescon, we were given our very first peek at the “new” “new” Cole.  Take a peek at the before/after pics, as well as the new trailer for Infamous 2 from Gamescon after the jump.

The “New” “New” Cole [As Seen at Gamescon]

[The “Old” “New” Cole, As Seen in Game Informer]


Personally, I LOVED the new design with Cole.  I think it’s the “I’m balding so I must be at least over 40 years of age” that I had issues with in the first game.  The new look helped him look much more age appropriate, and from an artistic standpoint gave his character the “development” he’d made from the first game.  I mean, I doubt the small cosmetic change will enhance/reduce my enjoyment of the game, but I LIKED PRETTY BOY COLE, GIVE HIM BACK NOW!  ;______;

(Source: IGN)

(Other Image Source: Game Informer Magazine)

2 thoughts on “Sucker Punch Takes a Step Back”

  1. At first I hated Cole’s new look, but eventually it grew on me. Then I heard they were changing him back to his original look, and I got really excited. Then I saw his newest look, and it looks alright, but in the end i’d rather have him look exactly like the original game with a few changes, rather than a mix of the old and the new. Either way, i’m getting the game day 1 no matter how Cole looks.

  2. Just think it was all changed because of the fanboys complaining about his new look
    at least he has an outfit change because it wouldn’t make much sence if he still wore is old one in a city that looks much hotter then Empire.
    Really can’t wait for this game.

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