VG Flash #30 – The Fight

OH BOY IT IS A PICTURE AND IT MOVES!!! In honor of the PoP/AC marathon, here’s a VG Flash based loosely (VERY VERY VERY LOOSELY) on ancient Persian art. I actually feel obligated to apologize for this video; it was originally going to be much more elaborate, but I threw my back out on Monday and I’ve had to mostly stay in bed since 🙁 When I wasn’t in bed I was WORKING THROUGH THE PAIN. ARGH. Anyway, video under the cut.


An Azi is a Persian dragon. They can make scorpions happen. Rar.

Also some of you may be wondering if a certain food-themed zombie-killing team is going to stream for the TSG HQ…

All’s I can say is, GET READY TO EAT, KIDS!!!

(details forthcoming)

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