14 thoughts on “Vlog 8-10-10 “FanFest Underway””

  1. Meet the Spartans only had one “main story” but it was just a cluster of nonsensical pop culture references. Yeah, Vampires Suck looks just as bad as any of these parodies.

    I think Scott Pilgrim (the movie) looks awesome, like Nick and Norah’s Infanant Playlist meets Viewtiful Joe, with just a touch of Juno, or something like that. (Strangely, you guys hadn’t heard of the movie before I hadn’t heard of the game before).

    Fanfest, eh? I’ll definetly check that out.

    All around, very good Vlog for the day.

  2. Haven’t seen Tyler in a while. Or maybe I have and he faded from memory 😛
    Arkham City looks interesting. Last time Mark Hamill will Joker it up, I hear. Come on, dude, that was all you had after Star Wars. You’d better be ready to retire, ‘cuz nobody’s gonna want you for anything else 😛
    Toast, you’re in as The Joker!

  3. Psssh, you guys are missing out. The only reason I watch Twilight is to make fun of it (and stare at vampires) so a movie based entirly on making fun of Twilight sounds good to me =P Midnight release for sure!

    Speaking of movies, you should say what movies you’re looking foreward to. I wanna see that owl movie. Legand of the Guardians or whatever. Cute little owls.

    Good luck playing Mother 3 Britt <3 Or talking while while Rob plays Mother 3

  4. Britt, you forgot to post the link for the FF Marathon, though it does end at 6 p.m. CST, so not much longer.

    Awesome Arkham City news and cool easter egg! I’m pumped for this. =D

  5. Ya’ll be cool at Fanfest. While the Fangamer staff loves us, and the members are supportive of our efforts, they do not seem to like us as a group. As one person said it “They murdered our chat when they played last year.” So… be cool.

    1. Oh, and an idea. Why don’t we orginize something like this during our down months between marathons? Not like Summer of Zelda where the Britt and Chase hosted the whole thing but more like Fanfest where our community (which contains MANY MANY streamers who know what they’re doing) play a Game Play Point and we take a few weeks to do it? Then we can savor the game in a way we can’t during a marathon. Kind of like a Route TSG, but less speed running and more community involvement. Also live.

      And/Or we could coordinate with Fangamer to do a massive one, combining our resources for a game or series neither of our communities could do alone.

        1. I was, of course refering to longer games. such as the Final Fantasy series which has been speed runned at least twice since I joined. Or Mario Galaxy 2 with 241 stars. Or the later Zelda games.

          Don’t go trolling me boy, I know where ya live now 😀

          1. That actually sounds like a pretty cool idea, Kairamek. Especially the part about letting it be more of a chance for community members to show their stuff.

            I know! We’ll do Battletoads for the first one! That’ll take… an entire year!

  6. Item #1. Arkham city sounds awesome possum
    Item numero dos. I think thats good news to hear it ain’t on psps, it needs alot of controls such as two joysticks
    Item #C. I’ll be there Britt 🙂
    Item #whatever number Im suppose to be on. OMG it’s Tyler :O
    Item #Grapefruit. You guys goin for a battlefield earth angle or what? o_O
    Item #that thing from that place in my head…i think. You guys got a little off track at the end >.>
    Item #end transmission. Happy b-days.

  7. @diddyknux (sorry, only so many embedded replies, I can’t reply to you directly) I like that plan. “And today we’ll be making our 37th attempt at the second Game Play Point. We’ve set up a drinking game for you. Every time we die, take a drink. So put the straw in your mouth an don’t stop sipping.”

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