22 thoughts on “Vlog 8-8-10 “Although They Look Pretty Far””

  1. Buy a stat boost? Action Replay. Infinite stat boosts on all your games for one low price! And that’s just one of the many many things it can do.

    Also: That song is really bad. Abused autotune. We hates the autotune doesn’t we precious.

  2. At first I was like *meh* as is my custom with the music in *recent* Sonic games, but when it played again at the end… I lol’d ^__^

    *Prays that SEGA don’t FAIL*

  3. Chase i 100 percent agree with you. Its like paying for cheats basically. Its totally utterly ridiculous. And i thought adding new weapons as DLC was bad… Also, THEY LOOK PRETTY FAR needs to be a meme.

  4. Time to do another video list *puts on sophisticated reading glasses*
    *throws those out and puts on a monocle and mustache*
    1. Cool, dedicted sections in the vlog :O
    2. Sonic hat… and Britt don’t like it…. this coming from the guys who ranted and raved about the chicken hat from scribblenauts :/
    3. Money grubbing EA is money grubbing T_T
    4. All this *timesavers* dlc just takes away from the game, aka the ACTUAL GAMEPLAY! >:O
    5. Oooh incentive, vote people :O
    6. Everybody head on over to that final fantasy marathon while its stil on B)
    7. Cool b-day graphics, also happy b-days 😀

  5. Oh please, way to over react to one line from the song. Don’t act like it’s the only song in existence to screw with a word or two for the sake of the rhyme scheme. I can understand not liking it (I did though), but if that’s your only reason, you have no reason.

  6. “Reach for the stars! Though they look pretty fars”
    *looks over comments* Someone call you chase? These comments confuse me… I’m going to pretend I didn’t see them so I won’t be confused 😛

    1. The gameplay does look good sonic, I just wish Sega would stop trying to appeal to the younger generation. It’s like if they played “The Wiggles” in a Mario game…Nobody would play it except little kids.

      Sega just needs to update their classic music in a tasteful way, not a “hey lets add lots of distortion because distortion will make sonic seem hardcore” way.

      1. Its probably not best to say “wish to not appeal to little kids” because when that happened AKA Shadow the Hedgehog people seemed a little upset, but that’s probably because the bad lines that involved swearing (Wheres that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald!) and Sonic 06 tried to be a little more mature but almost everything about that game except the music is evil apparently.
        And me speaking on this Sonic topic being an ex-sonic fanboy, I could go on about what will happen when this game comes out, and one things for sure is that people WILL hate on these Wisp things, because people won’t be able to get nostalgia high off of it. In Unleashed, it was the Were-hog, in Black Knight, it was the sword, and now it will be the Wisps. Also, I really hope the song is fixed up a bit, because I’m fine with cheesy lyrics, but the auto-tune needs to go.

    2. Sonic Team has done what appears to be a phenomenal job with both this AND Sonic 4, having seemingly finally struck a chord with both classic and new-school gamers. Then they dive right back into the rabbit hole they’ve been mining since Sonic CD– unnecessarily cheesy lyrics. I practically played Sonic and the Black Knight on mute (and sometimes did) because every single time you finished a level it would burst into LIKE A SWOOOOOORD I RUUUUUN

      If they’re gonna go retro to pull in a wider audience, at least they could go fully retro, and give us the catchy instrumentals that NOBODY forgets, like Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Casino Night Zone, etc.

  7. I may not own an Xbox, but may I say, WHAT THE HECK!! thats like paying for a health extension in galaxy! In the words of the angry video game nerd, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!

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