New NBA Jam “Attract” Trailer

Liking that  new TSG Blog design? Well, here comes some news that will brighten up your day even more. A new trailer for the upcoming NBA Jam has surfaced under the name “Attract.” This name is pretty appropriate, since its definitely going to attract a lot of people to their favorite game retailer to pick up this game. The trailer shows a lot of cool features and players in the game.

After the jump, you can watch the trailer, which will, quite literally, have you yelling Boom Shocka Locka every time.


(Source: GoNintendo)

3 thoughts on “New NBA Jam “Attract” Trailer”

  1. They only thing that saddens me is Midway did the original… and they don’t exist anymore. NBA Jam, you have a lot of expectations of mine to fill. If you don’t stack up to NBA Jam TE (for Genesis or SNES) then I won’t play you. I’ll be fine sticking with the originals that filled many an afternoon with friends who owned a multi-tap.

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