New White Knight Chronicles PSP Details

Until now, we’ve been pretty much in the dark about White Knight Chronicles for the PSP. However, Famitsu has now given us a lot of brand new details in their 4 page article of the game. They list the full title as White Knight Chronicles episode:portable Dogma Wars. You can check out some more details after the jump.

The game is to be set 10,000 years before the original White Knight games. At this point in time  (called the Dogma age), Yshrenia and Athwan empire are fighting for control of the world, as stated in the White Knight backstory. The Yshrenia have created the giant knights, which are, of course, standard to the series.

You play from the perspective of the Athwan empire in a special army named the “Train Battalion.” This special team is dedicated to destroying the nights. No longer can you transform into the knights as you have in White Knight 1 + 2. You must now fight against these menacing knights.

In addition to those plot details, we also got some info on four of the new characters:

-Kaishius is a member of the Train Battalion, as well as a former general. He has seen the power of the knights and forsees Athwan’s fall. For this reason, he formed the Train Battalion and acts as the leader.

-Anbietta is also a member of the Train Battalion and believes that people are born to do specific things. She likes to live in the present and doesn’t bother with thinking about the past or the future.

-Eldas hides his true identity, an officer of the Athwan army, from the rest of the team. He is young but has great tactical knowledge and shows a lot of skill in battle against the Yshrenia army.

-Yumando is a mysterious man dressed in black who engages in some “behind the scenes'” activities of the war, as well as being part of a group called the “Black Wings”. It seems that the Train Battalion will meet him many times, but his purpose is unknown.

Sony has stated that the PSP title will be able to connect with the PS3 titles in some way. While we didn’t get any gameplay info, we should expect good things. Famitsu stated that we can expect a 2011 release date.

(Source: Andriasang)

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