Sketchin’!! – RAAAR CHILI

So yesterday I went to DINNER DINNER DINNER at Chili’s. Turns out that all this month, they’re raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! One fundraiser involves buying a little coloring sheet of the Chili’s logo, which you can then color in before handing it to the staff to put on the wall. So what did I do with mine? THE ANSWER WILL NOT SHOCK YOU AT ALL I’M SURE…

I AM THE MOST PREDICTABLE EVER!!!! Anyway if go to Chili’s this month, be sure to help out and donate!

5 thoughts on “Sketchin’!! – RAAAR CHILI”

  1. Aw snap, that’s awesome!
    Phil and I coloured some of these last week. I made mine into a giant Lemming (like from the games), and he turned his into a horrified Chili being eaten by some dude. GOOD TIMES.

    1. That’s just a trick of the eyes, broskii. They’re dot-eyes hidden within a unique colorization evolved over the years to -fool people into thinking they’re not dot-eyes.-

      See how there are dot-eyes within the eye-o-flage?

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