Who Ya Gonna Call? MYTHBUSTERS!

Worst.  Pun.  EVER!

Anyway, onto the big news!  For fans of the hit television show Mythbusters, you’ll soon be treated to them busting some video-game releated myths!

“At some point there will be a video game special,” stated Adam Savage, one of the show’s hosts.

After delving a little deeper, the Mythbusters plan on busting some common video game myths.  Such as video game racing affecting real life racing, having a teenager race a professional race-car driver, using only the knowledge he’s received from racing games.  I certainly hope it wasn’t GTAIV or Saint’s Row.  It was also recommended to recreate the Assassin’s Creed roof plunging, to see if it’s actually survivable. Yikes..

Meanwhile, it’s my sincere hope that they address the fact that holding a gun sideways like Yuna from FFX-2 does not make for good aim.   Or that skimpy armor cannot hope to block bullets and/or swords.  [I’m looking at YOU Rikku!]

Source:  Kombo

6 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Call? MYTHBUSTERS!”

  1. GameTrailers has a series called “Pop Fiction” which is like Mythbusters when it comes to exposing Video Game myths like the “Chris Houlihan” room in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or jumping over the flagpole in Super Mario Bros.

    This Mythbusters episode sounds like it’ll be interesting to watch.

  2. It’s my favourite show on Discovery channel, so I can’t wait to see the episode when it airs. They actually already busted the “holding the gun sideways” myth though. Either way it will be fun to see what they test.

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