Duke Nukem 3D to be Remade by Fans with the Unreal Engine

The current holders of the Duke Nukem License over at Gearbox have given their blessing to a group of fans trying to remake the classic First Person Shooter with updated graphics. This would actually be the second graphical update that fans have given the game. There was also an HD pack that replaced the sprites with models and updated a lot of the textures. This, however, seems to be a full remake besides some of the recorded dialogue.  They have also released a trailer that shows the roof top from the beginning of Hollywood Holocaust. The official name given to it is the pretty clever Duke Nukem: Next Gen.

Check out the trailer after the jump.


2 thoughts on “Duke Nukem 3D to be Remade by Fans with the Unreal Engine”

  1. First! =D

    I’ve never played Duke Nukem, but I just wanna say that it’s awesome that a gaming company gave their official permission to a group of fans to do this. Often times, fans know what they’re doing more than the developers do >_>. It shows that they really care, and gives them a nice stark contrast from other companies that file lawsuits when fangames are made.

  2. fact that gearbox is allowing this fan group to do this is pure awesome shows this this a company that wants to see what fans can create on there own and not sue there pants off for copyrighted issues like sidnoea said

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