I “Saw” What You Did There : Deadrising 2 Review

I was originally going to write about Okami this week.  However, my plans changed after this game was shoved into my face, and my cousin demanding I finish it.  Being somebody that has a fantastic taste in games, I trusted his judgement in playing the game.  The result?  Well, you’ll just have to join me after the jump for the full review.  ;D

The Plot

I originally believed Dead Rising 2 would have some sort of thin veiled pretense for slaughtering thousands of zombies, a lot like Dead Rising did.  Thankfully, Capcom actually got a decent writing staff on this one.  Dead Rising 2 follows the tale of Chuck Green, a man attempting to make enormous amounts of money as a celebrity zombie slayer to afford his daughter’s expensive and controversial anti-zombie medication.  After a session of zombie slaying, a zombie outbreak occurs in the city, and he’s been framed for causing the outbreak [as a means of revenge against the death of his wife in an earlier outbreak in Las Vegas].  You have 72 hours to clear your name,keep your daughter medicated daily, as well as dealing with the many colorful psychopaths and zombies littering the entire area.

The plot actually has some nice depth to it.  While not as deep as Fallout 3 was, it was still deep enough to really get me caring about the characters and the survivors in the area.  While I don’t want to give away the ending, let’s just say the truth behind EVERYTHING is just as horrible as the actions of Vault-Tech in Fallout 3, just as terrible as Fal’Cie in Final Fantasy XIII, and just as terrible as Bowser suing Mario for damages in the legal battle of the century.

But most importantly, Chuck’s little girl is the single most adorable thing in video games EVER.  She’ll definitely be getting an award in later December when I do my 2010 top 10 lists.  😀

The Gameplay

Dead Rising 2’s gameplay had some really brilliant aspects, but also suffered from “Gonad-itus”, the terrible disease that happens when bad programmers get high position jobs.

The Good:

The combat is simple enough that the most basic of gamers can use.  SMASH ATTACK BUTTON UNTIL ZOMBIES ARE DEAD.  Nice work.  Simplicity at its finest is really needed in this type of game, especially when there are around 6000 zombies on screen at one time.

The weapons are also really colorful and fun to use.  The options are STAGGERING.  MMA Gloves, Fire Axe, Chainsaw, Trout, moose head, sniper rifle and fireworks, just to name a few.  Enough options that people can choose a fighting style the enjoy.  Close combat, long range or “BEAT WITH SLEDGEHAMMER TO DEATH”, which was my personally favorite option.  <3

A directional arrow to let us know exactly where to go.  ;_________;  /gives Capcom a gigantic bouquet of roses

One final feature that I will fall to my knees in eternal gratitude for is the feature where you can restart the entire game after death, but keep your stats, perks and combo cards.  Thus, missing key encounters, or facing a boss too powerful, you can restart, re-obtain the big number experience points and level up to get more health/attack to reface the boss.  WHY DON’T MORE RPGS HAVE THIS FEATURE?   TAKE A MEMO SQUARE-ENIX.  >:/

The Bad:

I’ll give you 10 seconds to come up with a game where weapons breaking was ever a good idea?  Give up?  That’s right, it’s NEVER a good idea.  If Fire Emblem can’t do it, then Dead Rising definitely can’t do it.  There’s nothing more frustrating than being at the final shrivel of health, and having your last weapon break.  Granted, there’senough weapons lying around everywhere that it won’t be a problem for more than 10 seconds, but it’s still annoying and a bad game design.

A pitiful map system once again rears its ugly head.  What’s so wrong with Mini-Maps?  Did they take a crap in Capcom’s oatmeal and get banished from the gaming universe?  Now before I get too deep in the hatred, the world of Dead Rising 2 has arrows and signs pointing you EVERYWHERE.  So it’s not as easy to get lost as I mentioned in Fallout 3, but it’s just annoying to not have the feature.

We cannot set the arrow to a specific store or back to the main safe-house.  Only to mission objectives.  ;___________;  BAD CAPCOM.  /sets hair on fire.

One of the central features of the game is the 72 hour time limit, and finishing the main objectives at certain times of the day.  Fine.  Understandable.  But why on earth is there a time limit on starting side-quests?  On my first playthrough of the game, I missed 2 or 3 sub-missions because certain escorts wouldn’t cooperate with me, and constantly got their brains eaten.  For somebody that likes to fully complete a game [and I mean FULLY 100%], it’s just a tacky annoying feature.  Especially since battling the motorcycle chainsaw racer has roughly the same time limit constraints as getting an old lady down a flight of stairs.


A lot of the game’s main problems can be linked back to one word.  REALISM. A lot of this game’s features act as if the player is in a real-life setting.  Weapons get less effective through constant use, dying results in actual death [cannot re-load or re-start a boss fight, you can only start back from your last save file], vehicles quit working after running through about 500 zombies on a busy underground street, and time limits exist to save people and finish the main objectives of the game.

I’m not saying realism is a bad thing.  In certain games, it’s a fun thing to have in order to better understand the main plot.

But in a zany, over the top game like Dead Rising 2, [where Ronald McDonald has flamethrowers and you can beat zombies with a gigantic teddy bear] it’s something that can sometimes take a backseat for the sake of making gameplay more fun.  Having to constantly re-create my favorite combo weapons, run to the gun store and gets my sniper rifles, and locating that ever so lovely medieval ax?  All are things that broke the fun flow of the game, which could have made the game even better.


For everything that Dead Rising 2 did wrong, it did a lot of things right.  For the gameplay issues, they offered us the “restart game with stats/perks/level”, which made going through the game much easier if you’re facing enemies more difficult than you want to deal with.  For weaponry breaking, they offer us a ridiculous number of weapons lying around everywhere, with some of the  most effective weapons being within walking distance of the safe house.

So while I made a lot of complaints, please also realize that they’re balanced out with other features to make up for them.

Also, because I wasn’t able to mention it anywhere else, Chuck’s lines after boss fights are PURE GOLD.  You know the terrible lines the main guy from CSI Miami spouts, and then the music goes AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH“?  Chuck must be related to that guy.  XD

Final Words

If it wasn’t clear about how I felt about the game, let me sum it up for you.

“Dead Rising 2 is one of the most fun games I’ve played in 2010.  To be honest, since this generation of consoles came out.  The survivalist plot, the plight of a single father, the dark depths of how far people would go for profit…  It all conspired together to create a game with adequate gameplay and over-the-top zany fun with hilarious psychopaths bosses spouting some of the funniest [and punniest] dialog I’ve ever heard.  I whole-heartily reccomend Dead Rising 2, for all its faults and all its greatness” – CodeZTM

Score:  9/10

4 thoughts on “I “Saw” What You Did There : Deadrising 2 Review”

  1. Honestly… Your complaint about weapons breaking is unjust, in my opinion. Sure, weapons not breaking would make the game easier… but would you really wanna make this already unbelievably easy game and make it easier? The only hard parts are the Psycho’s. I never found weapons breaking to really be an issue nor did I find crafting weapons to be an issue as there’s a maintenance room every 40 feet or so. There’s at least 3 on the Platinum Strip alone. 2 in Royal Flush Plaza and a dozen more all over.

    *shrugs* Differing opinions, and I do see that you recommend the game which is good. This game is so much fun. I don’t see any mention of TIR or Co-op gameplay at all though which really should be added here.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. You’re entitled to your opinions regarding the weapons. It’s just my thoughts. I say the same thing about the Fire Emblem games, but I still love them an incredible amount. 😀

      As for TIR and Co-Op, I didn’t review them because I didn’t play them. I don’t own Xbox Live, and the nearest Co-Op player isn’t really interested in Co-Opping around here. While I could have reviewed them based on Youtube videos, I felt like it wouldn’t be professional, nor would it be fair.

  2. Haha fair enough. After posting I kind of had a feeling you didn’t have Xbox Live and felt kind of silly for making that part of my comment.

    Also, I forgot to mention in my last comment that I absolutely agree with your comments about Katey. I think my favorite line from her is something like, “Daaaaad, you didn’t let me save. Now I’ll have to restart.” Haha.

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