King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match hitting XBLA November 3rd

The updated version of KOF2002 will be released on XBLA on November 3rd. the original KOF2002 was said to be one of the best games in the series along with KOF1998 asthey were part of the Dream Match series which allowed all the characters in the previous entries in that series to be playable regardless of the games continuity. This updated version will have 66 characters, updated graphics and BGM along with online play like their previous outings (Such as Mark of the Wolves). 2002UM was played at Tougeki this year along with an updated version of the game given that removes some of the glitches the game had and it rebalanced the game. It is unknown whether the original version or the debugged game will be avaliable.

Source: (Andriasang)

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