Secrets of Brotherhood

*Some spoilers?*

Of all the things we loved about Assassin’s Creed 2, it’s Secret Locations were the ones I think everyone liked the most. So it’s not surprising that Brotherhood will contain 6 brand new locations for us to enjoy! Info after the jump.

Just as before, your first Brotherhood secret location is in a mandatory mission late in Sequence Two. When entering the Baths of Nero, your task is to locate the Shrine of Romulus. Mythology fans will appreciate and recognise this as the twins Remus and Romulus are said to be the founders of Rom after they were left to die in the wilderness as children but saved and raised by a she-wolf. As you work your way through the 6 new secret locations you’ll learn more about the mysterious cult Sons of Romulus, seen outfitted in wolf skin shrouds during sporadic glimpses throughout the early sections of the game.

Finding the first location ain’t easy. You’re left to your own devies to explore the scene – a huge chamber. The ceiling raises to darknss and crumblin pillars surrund an empty pool in the centre of the chamber, bit like old Prince of Persia games. The task is to find the route above. Theres no glowing edges to guide you but you will notice that you can shimmy along the columns to reach the first of four levers above. You’ll need to find the circuitous route to pull all levers which will fill the cental pool with water and send chunks of masonry crashing down the blast through the floor into lower levels.

Next, find your way out of the chamber through four gated passageways leading off in each direction. Again you just gota work your way around climbing rafters, clinging to outcrops, swinging on lanterns etc. From there you’ve got some ancient traps and mechanisms to overcome. Easy enough?

The important thing is that Ubisoft has really upped its game. If this first secret location is an indicator of the effort gone into the game then it’s clear that it’s not just a quick way to make money. Even if it does resemble Tomb Raider. The game looks awesome.

Here’ a preview:


(Source: IGN)

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