Sketchin’!! – Four Bad Girls

I. HATE. MY. LAPTOP’S. VIDEO. CARD. So I had other stuff to post before the marathon, but naturally my laptop’s video card has just about died on me. I’m in the process of building a new desktop (thanks in no small part to a certain bearded dork helping me get a nice video card…) but until then, you all will have to make do with stuff I’ve already drawn. THAT SAID, LET US MEET FOUR BAD GIRLS…


Ok, so some of you may have heard of Zarla, the Oh So Cheerful Queen of the Fangirls. You’ve probably seen on of her Flash videos, or read her Les Enfants Terribles comic, or any number of happy fanmadness. Well anyway, Zar and I babble to each other a lot, and one day we were discussing fanmade female Left 4 Dead zombies. Because hey, it was either do that or go outside, and that big bright thing in the sky scares and confuses me.

So we talked about how much like female Team Fortress 2 fandesigns, female L4D zombies tended to be “cute” or “sexy” or otherwise ridiculous. So Zarla ended up doodling what a female Hunter and Smoker would look like, which lead to wondering what they were like before the infection, which lead to a tragic story about their infection, which in turn lead to wondering how they’d fare as survivors. And since the phrase “SPECULATE ON THESE CHARACTERS” is pretty much my “PLEASE TALK AND NEVER SHUT UP” button, I threw in my own variations on the Charger and Jockey infected. Which lead to all sorts of rambling about characters and a lot of cute/disturbing/horribly depressing scenes, many of which Zarla’s doodled at one point or another, FOR EXAMPLE THESE. Honestly the characters have evolved past being Left 4 Dead designs, and I bet if we changed around the designs/universe a bit they’d stand on their own in an all-original story.

They’re still named after their zombie counterparts, though. I NEED TO THINK UP NAMES AND I MAY HAVE A FEW BUT I DON’T KNOW. Anyway, “Charger” is basically the leader of the group. She owned a zoo and has traveled the world to help conservation efforts, and knows a thing or two about surviving. She’s very no-nonsense and tries to be strong for everyone else, but she’s certainly not made of stone. She’s also the only one who’ll admit that realistically, they’re all probably doomed. “Hunter” is an energetic traceuse who’s in fantastic shape, but is a bit reckless and will jump into danger without thinking about the consequences. She also has no concept of personal space and tends to lean on others and sit way too closely to them. “Smoker” is a tall, gangly loner who’s often deadpan and snarky, but still cares about the group. She tends to keep to herself and doesn’t really trust anyone (except for Hunter, of course). “Jockey” couldn’t handle the nightmare of a zombie apocalypse, so she’s convinced herself that everyone who’s died will just “get better” or “come back” later on. She tries to talk to the zombies and performs some absurd mental gymnastics to conclude that everything will be ok and that nobody’s really going to die on her. She also tends to nearly break down when it becomes obvious that she’ll never have a normal life again :<

ANYWAY BLA BLA BLA these four seem to be kind of popular amongst Zarla’s friends list/watchers/fans/etc., so I figured to post them here. I’ll probably post sketches and such on my DA if/when I ever get my scanner to work. But until then Zarla sketches a lot of the stuff we talk about ANYWAY so it’s all good! A lot of it can be found here, and sometimes other people even draw them! WHICH GIVES ME A THOUSAND SMILES ^____^

SO YEAH LONG AND RAMBLY but like I said, I don’t trust that big bright thing in the sky…

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