Black Friday Auction raises over $10k for Parkinson’s research

This past Friday we helped host an auction along side Fangamer to raise money for, in support of Parkinson’s research. Fangamer was entrusted with several Earthbound plushies and stickers to raise money for a charity. They made a great choice in charity and we were proud to represent.

Our two communities came together in an amazing effort and raised $10,146!!

I want to thank Fangamer for the letting us co-host the event. We had a ton of fun and look forward to working with Fangamer again in the future.

7 thoughts on “Black Friday Auction raises over $10k for Parkinson’s research”

  1. I’ve already said it on the forums, but this was probably my favorite TSG memory so far. It was amazing to see everyone gather a typical marathon’s worth of money in a fraction of the time. I definitely think we should have more of these, at least once or twice a year, if not more.

  2. TSG and Fangamer is a match made in Heaven.
    It was so much much watching Reid and his white board while Britt and Chase are practically screaming as a new crazy donation came in for the last plush. And I hope something like this happens again in the future. I’ll be more prepared to throw down then.

  3. There was just so many moments that I could never forget from last Friday. Both TSG and Fangamer communities collide to help raise money for this chairty. Who knew this would happen in the end too? XD It’s fantastic though, Im not denying that. Really one of my favorite moments so far in TSG/fangamer history.

    We do need more combos of TSG and Fangamer, and where maybe someday our communities can come as one. You never know.

    But most of all, something like this should happen again. Fun times were had, and a lot of things kept me entertained for sure; especially Reid’s whiteboard drawings.

  4. I regret going to sleep when I did. I was speechless when I saw the grand total the next morning.

    To see the two communities come together like that to raise over 10,000 dollars, it’s amazing and heart warming.

  5. That night was so amazing, with the kind of money people donated, they could’ve bought a plane ticket TO Japan, and won a plushie themselves. Some people were just born to do the right thing.

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