G rev ports Mamoru… TO THE PS3?!

After FIVE years, shmup developers finally get some common sense and start porting their games to the PS3 so shmup enthusiasts such as myself can import without having to worry about region locking on say, Microsofts consoles. G Revelutions are best known for making games of various Genres though their most well known series is probably Senko No Ronde, an interesting series that mixes Virtual On style gameplay with that of a more danmaku-esque shmup. More after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

Mamoru is another danmaku in the wide range of 360 exclusive games that were region locked maing them unable to Western gamers (It’s on Xbox Games on Demand though only in Japan). This makes it all surprising that today that for a brief minute, the publishers of Mamoru IT Media put on their website for a while¬†that the game would be released for the PS3 (the article was then taken of ther site. They probably didn’t want people to know about it yet). The game will bean expanded port of the 360 version including the two extra characters that were released as DLC in the 360 version as well as a brand new game mode exclusive to the PS3.

One thought on “G rev ports Mamoru… TO THE PS3?!”

  1. Certain Japanese companies needs to cut this region locking crap. I mean, what’s so terribly wrong about American audiences importing games?!!? At least Nintendo’s got the right idea with the DS systems.

    Granted, we can shell out for Japanese consoles and Japanese titles, but most of us don’t want to really do that. I know I’d personally have both FFX, KH, KH2 AND FFX-2 international versions by now if it didn’t require me to purchase a Japanese PS2 or some other crap to make it work. That’s lost revenue baby. >:/

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