Neo Geo: Ultimate Shooting Heroes getting released in the US

While SNK is unloading their large backlog of games onto XBLA (KOF2002UM came out a couple of weeks ago), They are continuing to release new titles on  regular basis ranging from good (Neo Geo: Ultimate Shooting Collection) to bad (King of Fighters XII) to the downright bizzare (Trouble Witches). Speking of NG:USC, ESRB accidently let slip that the gae would be getting an international releassefor the PSP. The game is considered to be a Spiritual Sequel to KOF: Sky Stage that was released on XBLA a couple of months ago (It’s also an unlockable game in NG:USC itself). The game itself contains ten playable characters with the main bulk being from the KOF series with other characters from there SNK series most noticeable being Marco from Metal Slug. No release dat has been confirmed as of yet.

Source: (Siliconera)

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