Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Coming To EU DSIWare Sometime Soon

The DSI exclusive sequel to Shantae (Cult Platformer for the GBC that currently sells for triple digit figures.) has been recieving numerous excellent reviews when it was first released however as of yet it had not had a confirmed release date for the UK. Some people (myself included) were skeptical if the game would ever be released in the UK since the original was never released over here and no indication had been given that the game would be released over here at all. Luckily for us, WayForward responded to all of their fan requests for a release of the game with a small message through Twitter:

“[b]Great news! The European version of Risky’s Revenge is currently in submissions, and will be available on the DSiWare store in 3 to 8 weeks.[/b]”

This is great news for anyone who bought a DSI just to get this game in the UK (*cough*) and hopefully this and the DSI Port of Cave Story will allow a flurry of interesting DSIWare titles to be released.

Source: (Twitter)

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