4 thoughts on “Anatotitan’s Art Commisions benefiting the HQ!”

    1. Agreed. I’m a huge fan of Ana’s art and I always love when I can get some custom artwork done from her. Plus she’s awesome enough to put up with my zany requests.

  1. Oh what a glorious day to have no disposable income. Well I guess I’ll see if I can scrape together 25 wing wangs somewhere. I really want a picture of me beating Tyler W. going “Where’s my Windwaker?” like that one Family Guy scene with Stewie going “Where’s my money Brian, huh? Where’s my money?”

  2. I hope to buy something from Ana, I absolutely love the artwork she produces. I want to order more than one! 😛

    It says that there is “95 remaining,” so does that mean she’s only going to do a certain number of drawings then stop? :O D:

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