EXTRA STAGE! Yo’ster Isle

Oh yeah! Didn’t see this coming, did you? Hey, I said MERRY OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY AND A GREAT EXTRA STAGE, so here’s the extra stage! It doesn’t have to be icy! It’s a BONUS! It’s Yo’ster Isle, from Super Mario RPG!

Yo’ster Isle is home to, what else? YOSHIS! It’s kind of a hidden area in Mario RPG. When you visit there, you’ll notice that the dinosaurs love to race. You’ll also notice that a mean Yoshi named Boshi isn’t making the races very fun. If you and Yoshi beat him in a race, he’ll come around and let everyone race again. HUZZAH!

Yeah, a bonus wallpaper! Yoshi and Boshi race all over the adorable island. Get your nice little extra present here!

Ok, so the main focus of this little bonus is Select Start’s lovely and awesome Yo’ster Island remix! I had the option of letting them toss in an extra song, and it was clearly worth it! Don’t forget to check out Select Start on Bandcamp, Twitter, and Facebook! C’mon, show them your appreciation for all their great work!

AS FOR ME, I’M OUTTA HERE! I hope you had as much fun as I did! See you next Obligatory Ice Level Day!

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