Mamoru Kun Heading to PS3 On March 31st

In terms of shmups, the Japanese Xbox 360 is widely accepted as the main console of choice due to the large amount of games for the system, even if most of them are made by CAVE (Deathsmiles IIX, Dai Ou Jou, KETSUPACHI!!!) The main reason for this is that the Wii can’t handle the processing power that is required for these types of the games and the PS3 is much too expensive to produce games for. Cyberfront is hoping to buck this trend with the release of Mamoru Kun which will hit the PS3 in Japan March 31st.

Mamoru itself was originally ported onto the 360 after it’s initial JP release (You can buy it from games on demand for 2000 points if you have a JP account). The PS3 version includes widescreen support (not normally included in shmups due to differences between arcade gameplay). Other extra features include more playable characters and new gameplay modes. The regular edition is $75 while the limited edition costs $105 and it contains a 150 page art book, a soundtrack CD, a super play DVD and all editions of the game contain a code which contains additional costumes for the characters.

Source: (Siliconera)

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