Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets Double Pack Confirmed As Region Free

Some of you may remember the first news post I ever did in which during this years CAVE festival, they announced that two of their most niche games (even by their standards), Pink Sweets and Muchi Muchi Pork would get a release in one disc for the Xbox 360. CAVE themselves said that ESPGaluda II would be thei last region free release so no-one really expected that the bundle would be playable on overseas consoles. Well, it is. More after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

Makato Asad: CEO at CAVE confirmed through Twitter today that the double pack of shmups would be region free after assing the thousands of Emails that flooded his Email account demanding for more region free titles (In contrast, DeathSmiles has currently sold over 50,000 copies which is good for CAVE’s expectation and Mushihime Futari which is their first region free game is their best selling console game ever). This happens to coincide with the year anniversary of the previously mentioned ESPGaluda II which was their other region free shmup as well as Mushihime Futari Platinum edition which is a cheaper version of the original and also region free.

The port consists of the regular arcade modes of each game as well as a special versio of Muchi Muchi Pork where you can fight the bosses which have been imported from Pink Sweets. Two version will be avaliable: The Standard edition and the regular edition. The limited edition contains the soundtrack to both games and if you preorder now then you can get a special DLC card to unlock more modes for each game (This was also features for Futari). It is unconfirmed whether the Standard or limited edition are region free (or both) however it gives CAVE fans more oppotunity to bug Asada’s twitter for infomation.

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