YAYAYAAAYY!! Hey everyone! It’s December 1st, and you know what that means! It’s that most wonderful, most glorious time of the year here at The Speed Gamers! Of course I mean…

So what IS Obligatory Ice Level Day? Well, firstly, the site for it can be found at http://oild.thespeedgamers.com/ so if you want to spread the word, send everyone there!

Yeah ok, so what is it? Every day this month, I’m going to be posting about that beloved video game trope: THE ICE LEVEL! Slipping and sliding, getting frozen, random ice monsters, snowy weapons, all that good stuff. Every day you’ll learn about a new level, hear some great ice level tunes, listen to some nice ice level remixes, download a new wallpaper, AND you can even use the preview thumbnails as icons/avatars if you want! So equip your frosty armor, befriend some yetis, and cast some ice spells as we celebrate OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY!

And just to get you started, here’s an OILD wallpaper for this introductory post! You can download it here!

Also, there’s a SOUNDTRACK! That’s right, head on over to the official OILD site and you’ll see there’s a lovely soundtrack of some great ice level songs, all free for the taking! Talented video game remixers DCT, Joshua Morse, and Select Start contributed to this awesome album! On the site you’ll find tons of links to these awesome artists’ various social networking sites, so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Follow them on Twitter! Like them on Facebook! Subscribe to them on Youtube! Seriously, get their names out there because they did an amazing job! By the end of this event I want them to have SEVERAL TIMES THE AUDIENCE THEY HAD BEFORE. Give back to them, because they definitely gave us a lot!

So now, I’ll have to talk about my first ice level. Catch you on the first OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL POST!

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