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Ah, I love Obligatory Ice Level Day. You know what I love most about it? That I get to do whatever I want for it. And if anyone argues, I can box their ears. SO THERE. What does this have to do with today’s level? Well, some of you may disagree and say this isn’t an ice level, but I think it is. And unless you want an ear-boxin’, you’ll go along with whatever I say! It’s Hollow Bastion, from Kingdom Hearts!

“What? That’s not an ice level!” you might think. But let’s look at those rocks at the beginning. They’re covered in a light texture that looks like ice. When I first played this game I just assumed it was ice, especially since the Beast from Beauty and the Beast was there, and one of his most famous scenes involved him defending Belle in the dead of winter. IT’S AN ICE LEVEL BECAUSE I SAY IT IS. SO THERE. Anyway, Kingdom Hearts follows Sora, a kid who for whatever reason lives on an island with child versions of various Final Fantasy characters. He’s pulled into several Disney movies, and teams up with Donald and Goofy to fight off evil “Heartless” monsters and rescue Mickey Mouse. This is some crazy fanfiction gone horribly… right.

This icy section THAT IS SO AN ICY SECTION of Hollow Bastion is relatively short. You can hop onto the floating rocks or ride inside the bubbles into the water. When you make it to the tower in the center, Sora befriends the Beast and runs into his own rival Riku. Riku takes Sora’s Keyblade weapon away, and with it, Donald and Goofy. Essentially helpless, Sora and the Beast team up to infiltrate the castle known as Hollow Bastion.

IT’S SO AN ICE LEVEL! AND SNOWMEN WEAR FEZZES! Anyway, you can get the full wallpaper here.

And now, music! Hollow Bastion is of course, the theme to this level.  But if you’re really aching for an ear-boxin’ and this isn’t icy enough for you, here’s Chocobo’s Happy Christmas, a bonus song from the Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon soundtrack. THIS SONG IS SO CUTE I SWEAR! I love it to death.

And some remixes! First up is Light and Flakey, a remix of Buried in Snow from Final Fantasy 7, by Siamey! Oh, but there’s more! Here’s Night of Fate, by our heroes and friends, Select Start! It’s part of that glorious Obligatory Ice Level Day 2010 soundtrack! Now you may think “but Night of Fate isn’t icy, is it?” Well no, but sometimes calm, cheery remixes of non-ice tunes can slip into OILD, since that’s kind of the spirit of the season anyway. And besides, Select Start is so awesome that they can do whatever they want anyway! By the way, have you been tweeting your feedback to Select Start? You should! You should also drop by their Facebook page! Let them know what you think of their music! Their Facebook also has a thread where you can ask them questions, so take advantage of it!

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