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Ah, the tenth day of Obligatory Ice Level Day! I hope all of you have been tweeting and promoting! OILD’s not just good for spreading cheer, but it can really help out BestFriends.org by spreading the word of the marathon! JUS’ SAYIN’! Anyway, if the previous ice levels have been too short for you, here’s a whole ice WORLD. It’s White Glacier, from Bomberman 64!

The original Bomberman was almost like a puzzle game, in that you had to figure out the best way to get through the level without getting yourself destroyed by the enemies or your own bombs. Bomberman 64 was more like Mario 64; 3-d platforming and action, just with an explosive theme. The story is kind of weird: When a mysterious band of villains attacks the Bomberman planet, it’s up to our hero to stop them. But how? Well, the villains arrived in a spaceship, and that spaceship is inexplicably towing four worlds on chains. In order to destroy the ship’s force field and fight the bad guys, Bomberman has to visit these worlds and defeat their bosses. Man, I hate when that happens!

White Glacier is one of these anchored worlds, and it’s made up of many stages. You fight some standard icy enemies like snowmen and snowshoe hares (because snowshoe hares are known for their deadly aggressiveness against explosives experts, of course.) There’s also a fierce wind that will usually push you back if you’re not taking cover.  One level even has the standard slippery ice floor, complete with adorable dot-eyed penguins that slide around after you. The boss to this world is the Cold Killer, a huge, arachnid-like beast that spawns baby monsters and climbs around the walls. When the fight’s almost over, he’ll shatter the ice floor and finish the battle on his web.

KA-BEEWWWWMMM!! Yeah it’s today’s explosive wallpaper, perfect for any Bomberman fan! Get the full version here!

Ahh delicious music! Of course I need to include White Glacier from Bomberman 64! And to further the cuteness, here’s Rainbow Resort from Kirby’s Adventure! And the Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland version of Rainbow Resort! And the Kirby Canvas Curse version of Rainbow Resort!

And as for the remix? Well, this is called I Want You Inside Me, by halc, who says “Kirby eats his enemies… get it?” Urr. Anyway, this is a pretty nice mix of Rainbow Resort, so check it out! Oh, but that’s not all! Select Start also has an utterly lovely rendition of Rainbow Resort! It’s on the OILD 2010 soundtrack, so you better go download it and get everyone else to download it too! Everything about this is just wonderful. If there was a Kirby movie, this should be in its score. It makes me think of exploring a watercolor cartoony world.

Hey everyone! Follow Select Start on Twitter! NOW! And tweet to them your thoughts on their OILD contributions! They love getting feedback, so please let them know what you think! If you’re too shy to tell them, just leave some notes here and I’ll direct them to it! Seriously, do this for me. I want to give them TONS OF ATTENTION!

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