3DS E-Store and Internet Browser May Not be at Launch in North America

Remember how we said 3DS E-Store and internet browser would be available at launch? Well, that came from a UK represenitive. Nintendo of America had a different story.

Games and services offered by Nintendo can vary by region. Nintendo of America will release additional information about Nintendo eShop, including timing, content and pricing, at a later date.” – Nintendo of America’s Charlie Scibetta (not pictured to the left).

It sounds like its quite possible that Europe will not only get 3DS sooner than us, but get more features available on launch day as well. Of course, NoA’s comment isn’t a flat out no, but it definitely isn’t a confirmation of the features at launch.

(Source: GoNintendo)

12 thoughts on “3DS E-Store and Internet Browser May Not be at Launch in North America”


    First I was disappointed that we wouldn’t get it right away, then I was happy we might, and now I’m right back where I started. xD

    1. Exactly. On every website where there is news about the 3DS I see americans write about how “much” they have to pay for the new handheld. Here in Norway we have to pay 2599,- NOK for the 3DS which is approx. 445 USD. With that in mind I think it’s fair if Europe will get this features atleast a few days before you in North America

      1. Most of us Americans that whine about the price are ones without a job or with a really crappy job and bills to pay. Just sayin’. I don’t have a problem with the $299 price tag, especially considering how new 3D Technology is and the fact that this is one that doesn’t require glasses, which is the newest kind of 3D tech.

        1. Well, I don’t have a job either so by paying $445 for the 3DS I have to earn money somewhere else. I thought the price tag was $249.99? I guess I was wrong. Would you have payed $445 for the 3DS if that had been the price tag in the U.S.?

  2. That’s what I thought, thanks for clearing that up. But seriously, $250 might not be that cheap but its alot cheaper than what it is in scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe. You should consider yourself lucky, be happy, line up at launch day to get the device. Thinking about the eShop, I don’t really care who gets it first, Considering what titles the eShop will have at it’s launch I’m not hyped at all. But its a great addition to the system nevertheless.

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