Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Details

Want to know some details about Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim?  Well, here’s some info that was snagged from the recent Dutch Power Unlimited Magazine dump.

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“-  No level cap
– Choose all perks with one character
– Technically speaking, Skyrim is an evolution within The Elder Scrolls, not a revolution
– Different properties for all weapons, take advantage of them by choosing the right perks
– Maces ignore a percentage of armor
– Axes have bleed damage over time
– Quickly revisit locations you have previously visited
– Game is as big as Oblivion
– 5 big cities
– Over 130 dungeons
– Dungeons will be locked at their level once you have been there
– In a dungeon, it will remain lvl 5 when you entered it on lvl 5
– Dungeons don’t change difficulties throughout a game save after you’ve entered one
– Read in-game books in 3D
– 3D-preview in the Flash-based inventory for all items
– Twist, turn, rotate the items
– Will sometimes need to figure out puzzles by analyzing 3D previews
– Armor, weapons, small rings and herbs can be explored in great deal and viewed in 3D
– All items can be previewed in the inventory screen
– The Dark Brotherhood is back
– More traps and puzzles
– Around 20 hours for the main story
– Hundreds of additional hours for more quests
– Get stronger as you kill dragons
– A piece of a dragon’s soul will be transferred to yours
– Special animations for sneak kills with daggers
– Team is looking at how they can improve facial expressions and animations
– No Kinect support”

Source:  GamingEverything

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  1. Don’t forget that they’re eliminating even more skills now. My guesses are that mercantile and speechcraft will be merged, sneak and security will be merged, and I would assume they’ll be lowering the number of different magic skills as well. And there probably won’t be spears, still. 🙁

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