Interplay Denied Rights to Fallout “Assets” in Upcoming MMO

Earlier this week, Interplay announced that a licensing agreement with Bethesda, the company that behind the Fallout franchise, allowed them to include numerous aspects of the Fallout Universe in their upcoming MMO, which bears the same name.

However, Bethesda filed a court order against Interplay yesterday that the licensing agreement only gives Interplay the rights to use the Fallout name, but no other assets were included.

As a response to Interplay Bethesda stated, “The term ‘Fallout-branded MMOG’ is plain and clear on its face — it means an MMOG named ‘Fallout’. Bethesda gave Interplay a license to call its MMOG ‘Fallout’ if it met the conditions of the [trademark licensing agreement]. Nothing else was licensed to Interplay. Interplay offers a variety of merit less arguments to suggest that the plain reading of the [trademark licensing agreement] would render the agreement meaningless. Interplay is wrong. Its arguments to the contrary should be rejected.”

The outcome of this legal issue has yet to be seen, but it is likely that Interplay will not be able to use anything Fallout-related in their game, aside from the title, of course.

(Source: CVG)

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