No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise recieves Screenshots

While Heroes Paradise is already out in Japan, it has been critisised for numberous amount of glitches and occasional times of slowdown. For the Western release, these problems are being addressed along with added bosses from No More Heroes 2 (Fingers Crossed for Margaret and Alice). While the game had a censored version released for the PS3 and an uncensored versio for the 360, Konami have only confirmed that PS3 version will definetly see an overseas release. On the flipside, the PS3 version will be uncensored keeping in all the blood and gore that was removed in the PAL version of NMH Wii and the game will be modified for Playstation Move so you can destroy the game as well as your furniture. Konami released five sparkly screenshots of the Western release which can be viewed after the jump.

Source: (JoyStiq)

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