Starcraft 2 Mod Targeted by Blizzard

Over the last few days, the Starcraft 2 mod, World of Starcraft (which feature elements from both WoW and Starcraft 2 ) has certainly gained a lot of attention. So much so, in fact, that Blizzard noticed gameplay videos on Youtube and took them down due to copyright infringement.

Blizzard’s lawyers also contacted Ryan Winzell, the man behind the mod, but it was later clarified that Blizzard didn’t have an issue with the mod itself, but they felt the name of the game was too similar to that of their own. Winzell will be supposedly meeting with Blizzard to discuss changing the title of the Mod.

On top of that, they noted that the removal of the Youtube videos was just “standard procedure”, and are interested as to what the Mod entails.

Ryan Winzell has also gained quite a reputation from all of this, and was even offered a job in video game design for Riot games in Los Angeles.

If only we could be so lucky…

(Source: CVG)

4 thoughts on “Starcraft 2 Mod Targeted by Blizzard”

  1. Hmmm this has potential. It’s very curious that a company would actually be “interested” in a fan-creation to any degree aside from “ZOMG COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT”. Blizzard had actually shown some love to fan created stuff in the past, such as those uber popular SC1 maps that were remade into official SC2 maps.

    1. Valve has always taken a lot of interest in the modding community. Counterstrike, Day of Defeat and Garry’s Mod all started out as mods to Half Life (or Half Life 2, in the case of Garry’s Mod). Bethesda also pays attention to the modding community, though I’m not sure if they’ve ever hired someone from it.

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