Final Fantasy III Heading to iPhone

In North America and Europe, Final Fantasy III is a DS exclusive. What if you don’t have a DS though? If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you’re be in luck.

Square-Enix announced today that Final Fantasy III will be heading to the app store. Outside of a March 2011 release date, Square-Enix doesn’t provide us with anymore information than that. Exactly in what form the iPhone version will launch is unknown. The teaser site uses art created specifically for the Nintendo DS version, and the iPhone should be perfectly capable of handling it. But with the PSP remake of Final Fantasy IV returning to the series 2D roots, it wouldn’t be all that surprising for an enhanced 2D version.

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy III Heading to iPhone”

  1. ^ i’m pretty sure he meant Final Fantasy III as in the real Final Fantasy III, not Final Fantasy VI, which was titled Final Fantasy III when it was originally released on the SNES. The true Final Fantasy III is a DS exclusive outside of Japan.

    I’m kinda surprised to see this, since I didn’t think Square Enix actually cared at all about FFIII, but hey, thery’re only in it for the money nowadays so why not try to milk it?

  2. I’m actually pretty excited about this! I didn’t play it on DS and I’ve been wanting a decent iPhone RPG for a while. Plus, they’ve priced them pretty well compared to their regular price points.

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