Great Games for Cheap Gamers : Craftin’ Some Mines

In these hard economic times, it’s difficult to shell out $60 for “Remote Wagglin’ 10 : GOTTA HIT THOSE CRABS” on the Wii.  Instead, why don’t we check out some fantastic games that are easier on the wallet AND just as fun as “Shoot Em’ Up 43 1/2 : Revenge of the Brown”.

This week, we’re going to look at a recent internet phenomenon known as Minecraft, as well as a great Action/Adventure title for the PS2 known as Samurai Legend Musashi.

Check em’ both out after the jump!


Title: Minecraft Price Range: Free-$20 Genre: Free Roaming/Creation

Links: Main Site Recommendation Value:  *****/*****


I’ll be the very first to admit that I’m not an experienced Minecraft player.  In fact, my combined total time dedicated to this game is less than a week, but I’m INSANELY hooked with this title.  It’s what I’d like to affectionatily refer to as Animal Crossing Legos : EXTREME Edition.  Like Animal Crossing, the entertainment value of the game comes from what you make of your experience in Minecraft through its massive world and creation capabilities.  Like Legos, most of the textures and designs are from an 8 bit era, and have extremely easily connectable parts.

In a nutshell, Minecraft places you in a rendered world [each one different from the next] with nothing but a pair of fists.  With those fists, you will need to acquire materials in order to create better tools to create your shelter and “home”.  You’ll need to make it sturdy too, because Green Bush People [no, not crazed alien Presidential fans] will come and try to suicide bomb themselves upon you and your hard work.

Doesn’t sound like much, does it?

I’m sure there is more than a few people that feel this way, but my experience in Minecraft was fantastic!  After acquiring enough tools in order to start digging, I quickly began creating my grand castle of death and doom!  With nothing but a wooden pick-ax and my two hands, I began digging on Friday evening and found myself some 12 odd hours later still digging and mining!  It’s extremely immersible and very easily addicted to!  The desire to create a better shelter, dig deeper and discover the mysteries that lie below the surface of the world is great!  As an Animal Crossing fan, I was quickly drove in a similar fashion to try and make the best of everything and find the rare items hidden throughout the world.

Gamers can download the free version of it [buggy and uncompleted], or pay 20 euros through Paypal and get the full demo beta version, with a free download of the game when it’s completed.  Considering that I’ve spent less time on games that cost twice as much, it’s a great title for those that enjoy free-roaming and games that don’t have a direct purpose and that can last for hours on end.  If you don’t like games that don’t have a clear purpose or “ending”, then this might be a pass for you.


Title: Samurai Legend Musashi Price Range: $5-$20 Genre: Action/Adventure/RPG

Links: Amazon Recommendation Value:  ****/*****

Forget Mario and his cliche’d “Your Princess is in Another Castle” bull.  In this game, not only do you find the Princess in the first castle, but you actually SAVE the princess too.  Actually, you end up saving 6 princesses [ok, so they’re technically maidens, but I’m counting them as virtually the same thing].  So this game is at least 7x better than Mario!  [/sarcasm]

Humor aside, Samurai Legend Musashi is a fantastic Action/Adventure title with sprinklings of RPG here and there.  You follow the young Samurai Legend Musashi who is summoned from the past to help save the world from a terrible corporation that wants to do nasty evil things to the environment.  Think Shinra from FFVII and you’ll have a good idea of where they’re going with it.

The game plays like a typical hack/slash title.  Press a button to use a weak katana attack, and push a different button to utilize one of your legendary swords [which are rewarded after saving each elemental princess].  Simple enough mechanic and TONS of on-screen enemies to go insane upon.  Truly enjoyable gameplay and great stress relief.

However, the game has a terrible “bug” with it.  That being the escort missions from Hades.  You see, after you “save” the elemental maidens, you must then CARRY them back to the main site of the game.  To say this is a nuiscene would be the understatement of the century.  Not only is Musashi slowed town and rendered unable to use certain attacks, but the maidens will NAG YOU TO DEATH the entire way back home.  Especially if you do the tiniest things like dropping them down a well or throwing them into the air while attacking a legion of goons.

The voice acting…  Is also pretty bad.  If you ever saw how badly Cardcaptor Sakura got dubbed in America, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect.  [/headdesk]

But all in all, it’s a great game that’s got some great length and some interesting game play elements.  Moreover, it’s got some fantastic boss fights and a pretty unique story to tell.  Plus, it’s CHEAP!


Join me next week for another installment of GREAT GAMES FOR CHEAP GAMERS!!!!

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