Journey Co-Op Not What Expected

Hoping to explore the desert in the upcoming PSN title Journey with friends?  I’m afraid the developers aren’t going to even give you a chance.

Co-op play will be entirely a random event.  You’ll never know who or what you’re playing with.  Grandma Miller or the weirdo down the street?  It’s all a mystery.

The development team believes that co-oping with friends will screw up the game’s overall message, and they want gamers to experience the game mystery for themselves.

“The sands are unknown…  If you know your friends then when you play this game you’ll be thinking about ‘what is Tom or Jimmy thinking?…  You shouldn’t know who the other person and why should you care whether this other ‘journeyer’ is a 60 year old woman or a kid; that doesn’t matter. We want to keep the experience within this world, and we felt that friends could dilute what the game is about.” says Journey developers.

Source:  Gamerzine

2 thoughts on “Journey Co-Op Not What Expected”

  1. After reading their explanation, I’m fine with this. IT kind of sucks it’ll be random, but if it’s for the sake of an idea I’m okay with it. Especially in a field where creative rights is a privilege not earned easily.

    (Although it doesn’t influence me in the slightest seeing as I don’t own a PS3)

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