Pay $99 for Duke Nukem’s Balls of Steel… Edition

Duke Nukem Forever. You know, it has been in development since 1997. That’s before Ocarina of Time even hit! If finally getting your hands on the title in May won’t be enough to make your purchase memorable, you’ll want to get the Balls of Steel edition.

While you’ll have to dish out an extra $40 for this set, there is a lot of swag for Duke Nukem fans. First, and mostly important, you get a copy of Duke Nukem Forever. Second, a 100-page hardcover book called History, Legacy & Legend: Duke Nukem Forever Art from the Vault. Third, five post cards! Fourth, a sticker of the Duke Nukem Forever logo. Fifth, a fold out paper craft. Sixth, poker chips. Seventh, a mini-card deck. Eigth, dice with the Duke Nukem logo on them. Nineth, a collectible comic book. Tenth, a certificate of¬†authenticity. And finally, the icing that crushes the cake, a bust of Duke Nukem. Yeah, a bust.

That’s eleven items for your $99. Twelve if you include the box! Probably one of the better collector’s edition I’ve seen in awhile. And after fourteen years, Duke Nukem Forever deserves some special treatment.

You can check out the bundle after the jump!

(Source: Gamestop)

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