Rumor: Activision Eyeing Take-Two

With Activision cutting True Crime and Guitar Hero from their line-up, it doesn’t really look like they have anything planned outside of Call of Duty. Of course, they could make their own new games… Or they can buy another company that already has huge franchises and AAA titles in the pipeline.

According to MCV, an unnamed senior executive claims that rumors are spreading through the senior level of the global business about Activision looking into purchasing the house of Grand Theft Auto and Bioshock.

While the senior executive says, “they are just rumours,” he does say that they are “very strong.

EA attempted to buy out take-two a couple of years back. That deal never went through. It wouldn’t be the first time Activision has picked up a major player in the industry. You can probably guess who that is by their full company name, Activision Blizzard.

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  1. Activision if you even try and touch rockstar or take-two, I can’t say anyone who is a fan of either of those studio’s works will be responsible for their actions.

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