Strania hitting XBLA March 30th

The Xbox Live Arcade has a decent backlog of SHmups involving remakes of old classics such as R Type Dimensions, Danmaku’s such as CAVE’s own Guwange and… Whatever the hell Triggerheart Exelcia is. Which makes it all the more interesting that G Rev who helped publish the aformationed Triggerheart as well as creating the MASTERPIECE that is Senko no Ronde DUO as well as the respectible Mamoru Kun (Which is known as pretty much the only PS3 Retail SHmup) and the Dramcast Cult hits that are Under Defeat and Border Down, released more details about their latest XBLA project entitled Strania.

Strania is thematically designed to resemble that of an 80’s shooter except with Mechas. Your mecha can hold three weapons, one in each hand plus a reserve item. Weapons include homing missiles, lasers, bombs, a bullet that bounces, and a sword. Pressing the B button cycles through the different configurations. If you have a sword and a gun your mecha will slash then shoot. It’s possible to pick up two swords, which gives you a special attack. Strania will contain 5 main stages with a 6th stage avaliable if you beat the game on hard mode. The game will be released worldwide on XBLA on March 30th and the rather awesome trailer can be found after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)


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