Sucker Punch : “Infamous 2 Better Graphics than Uncharted 2”

Hoo-boy, and I thought that Trion World developers were nuts.

Anyway, the developers of Infamous 2 are wanting to set the newest benchmark in graphical greatness by having its upcoming title Infamous 2 to have better graphics than the current undisputed champion of Uncharted 2.  While they offer no proof to their desired claim, the development team seems very confident.

Although it’s a shame to have such great graphics and keep Cole with that terrible haircut.

Source:  Sprong

One thought on “Sucker Punch : “Infamous 2 Better Graphics than Uncharted 2””

  1. From what i’ve seen, the graphics of Infamous 2 are great, but not better then Uncharted 2. And even if Infamous 2 does have better graphics, it will only hold the crown until Uncharted 3 is released later in the year.

    And Cole’s haircut is alright, although I do prefer him bald.

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