Buy SEGA Swag and Help Japan

If you have a deep wallet and are looking to help Japan, you might want to head over to SEGA of America’s Ebay page. You’ll find awesome swag like tons of Sonic gear, signed games, Yakuza 4 T-shirts, a Dreamcast hoodie and backpack, Valkyria Chronicles poster board art and many more items.


A lot of this stuff isn’t just your average everyday gear though. Being on a bid system, the prices are starting to rise. The most expensive is the previously mentioned Valkyria Chronicles poster board art, with the highest bid currently at $560 with five days still left in the running. Although there are still some lower priced items ranging from $30 and below. So you’re not entirely out of luck if your wallet doesn’t have a launch PS3 in it.


100% of the proceeds will be going towards the American Red Cross to support its aid in Japan. So even if you do pay way too much money for something, at least you can safely say it was for a good cause.

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