Developers Give to Help out Japan

Everyone seems to be jumping in to help out Japan in their unexpected time of need.  Even developers from Japan are donating to help out. Sony is giving 300 million yen and 30,000 radio to help out and Tecmo Koie donated about 10 million to the Japan Red Cross. Check out the rest of the story after the jump for a full list.


Tecmo Koei

Donated 10 million Yen to the Japan Red Cross and is accepting donations from employees as well.

Sega Sammy

Donated 200 million Yen


Korean celebrity Bae Yong Joon is donating 73 million Yen


Nintendo donated 300 million Yen

Namco Bandai

Namco Bandai donated 100 million Yen


5pb. is going to cut the price of iOS Memories Off 6 T-Wave down from 2,000 Yen to 350 Yen and will donate the sales of the app through to march 31st.


Sony Group as a whole donated 300 million yen and 30,000 radios

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