Moon Diver hitting PSN today, Strania hitting XBLA tommorow

As has been mentioned many times before on this site, Moon Diver is a new 2D action game by former Strider creator Yotsui Kouichi that focuses on providing a solid multiplayer and single player experience that appeals to newbies as well as veterans of the genre. The game was released on PSN today worldwide with an XBLA version dated as merely sometime in the future.

Strania is a vertizontal SHmup created by GRev who are most famous for Under Defeat, Border Down and most noticeably, Senko no Ronde. It will be released on XBLA tommorow for the price of 800MSP with some additional DLC released soon after that GRev is currently working on. Unfortunatly, as with every other SHmup not named Mamoru Kun, There is no word of a PSN release for Strania. Both games will have Demo’s avaliable (As of right now, only the Japanese version of Moon Diver has a demo up) and trailers of both games can be viewed after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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