TF2 Hats for a Serious Cause (Update 2)

Hats! Team Fortress 2 has them. Sure, you can show off your hats in game, but what do they mean? If you pick up one of the three hats that Valve just released, you’ll be able to show to everyone that you are charitable. The hats come  at a few price ranges. One is $7.99,  while another is $19.99. The third hat is a whopping $99.99, but it’s all for a good cause.  If $7.99 is still a bit much for your wallet, you can purchase noise makers for $.99 and $1.29 each. You can purchase t


The hats and noise makers will be available until April 6th and all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to help Japan through this crisis.


Update: You can purchase the whole set for $29.96 outside the $99.99 headpiece. (Source: Thanks EasyTutorials.


Update 2: No $99.99 head piece in bundle.

(Source: TeamFortress)
Thanks EasyTutorials!

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