Type Moon’s next Visual Novel gets delayed till 2011

Type Moon are a very big name is the Visual Novel genre. Their first Visual Novel Tsukihime was a huge success which evoked a fan made psuedo sequel, a large cult fanbase and they then worked with Ecole to create the Melty Blood fighting game series which also gaied a large cult fanbase (enough so to ge it a place at EVO last year). After that, Type Moon went on the create the Fate series which various partners such as fellow VN developers Image Epoch and the Fighting game afincinados at Capcom. Despite this, the last game Type Moon worked on was in 2007, mainly due to the company working on other projects such as the Fate/Zero and Canaan animé. Their latest main line Visual Novel entitled “Mahou Tsukai no Yoru” had already had a string of delays due totheir busy schedule. Yesterday, Type Moon posted an apology on their website about the delays and they promised their fans that the gam would recieve a release sometime in 2011. As long as their current projects don’t get n the way (They are also working on an animé series called Girl’s Work with Ufotable who does pretty much every JRPG  animé opening you can think of), Expect Fan Translators to dissect the game rigt away for the pleasure of English Speakers.

Source: (Siliconera)

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