Yu Suzuki: “SEGA Probably Will Let Me Make” Shenmue III

Oh boy, that Shenmue II. Right off the heals of its release we’re already hearing about a third entry! …Wait, that was ten years ago.

Shenmue III! It has been a long time, and Shenmue fans still are without their third entry. And while Shenmue City is 100% on the way in Japan at least, Yu Suzki commented on the possibility of a true sequel, Shenmue III.  And while he had nothing to announce today, he did seem rather hopeful.

Probably Sega will let me make it [Shenmue III]. I think.” So what’s holding up the process? Something very important to the development of a video game. “It’s simply a problem of budget,” Suzuki said. “Well, I want to make it. About 200 people will buy it I think. But funding is an issue.

So, we’re pretty much back to square one. SEGA in the past has said they would develop the title if one of the big three stick their neck out for an exclusive deal and fund the title, but that seems rather unlikely at this point.

I think we can all safely say that at least Shenmue III has a better chance at release than Duke Nukem Forever!


(Source: VG247)

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