El Shaddai Demo Breaks Records

In a blog post by Sawaki Takeyasu (character designer of El Shaddai), he noted that the number of people who downloaded the El Shaddai was that of an “Olympic Record” over the past week. The demo shows sections of what is believed to be the third level of game where you play Enoch, a holy warrior sent to earth by Lucifel to retrieve eight rogue archangels that have disobeyed Gods commands and are running rampant on the promised land. Takeyasu notes that due to the earthquake, the possible reprints of the game may take longer than expected so if you wanted to play the game on the release date, he recommends to preorder it. It’s only nine days until the official Japanese release of the game (with the Artbook and various other goodies likely to come one day before that) so if you haven’t already, I recommend downloading the demo while you still can before it goes down (It happened to Catherine).

Source: (Andriasang)

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