Eschatos Hits Japanese Stores Tomorrow

Eschatos is a Danmaku bullet hell shooter in the same genre as that of the various games CAVE puts out and the Touhou series to name a few examples. After the recent earthquake in Japan, Qute Corporation informed its fans that the game would have its released delayed. In a move that has come completely out of left field, Qute announced today that the game would be avaliable to purchase from tomorrow.

The best thing about this announcement is that Qute has already confirmed that the game will be Region Free so anyone who has enough money to import it (the game is currently available for ~$80) doesn’t need to own a Japanese Xbox 360. As has been mentioned many times before, the game will come with two obscure Wonderswan shmups as an added extra to anyone who buys the game (Judgement Silversword and Cardinal Sins). Of course, you could always wait until the Platinum release of ESPGaluda II (which has been confirmed to be region free) however spending ridiculous amounts of money on some of the most obscure titles you could imagine has become some sort of ritualĀ for CAVE fans which the world will never understand.

Source: (Siliconera)

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